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35mm Release Printing & 70mm Timing

Our expertise lies in traditional photochemical film restoration and preservation services, encompassing optical conversions, the production of interpositives and internegatives – a critical step in ensuring the long-term viability and quality of film archives, and various other celluloid-related solutions. Our team is dedicated to preserving the authenticity and historical value of archival film.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to the manufacturing of protective assets like digital/photochemical YCM (Yellow, Cyan, Magenta) separations. These separations are an essential component in safeguarding the long-term quality and durability of film originals.

YCM separations involve the meticulous process of creating three separate black and white negatives, each capturing one of the primary color channels: yellow, cyan, and magenta. These separations serve as a foundation for color correction and printing processes, allowing for precise control over color balance and quality.

Gotham Photochemical boasts a proficient and well-informed team with a cumulative experience of over 60 years in Motion Picture services including Restoration & Preservation, Archive, and Post Production.

Our state-of-the-art, custom-modified equipment is meticulously designed to guarantee the security of both new and archival film assets, all the while delivering efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Gotham Photochemical, 35mm Colormaster Prismatic Analyser
35mm & 70mm Colormaster for Print Timing
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